Thursday, August 1, 2013

Easy Non-Lethal Damage

Keeping track of two types of damage annoys me. Even worse is splitting damage rolls in half when the PCs are using "the flat of the blade" during impromptu prisoner subdual. In any case, if you kick a guy in the gut to wind him, and then stab him in the throat, he's not going to "be subdued." He's going to die.

Nonlethal damage is treated exactly as normal damage, except if the killing blow is nonlethal. If a creature's last hit points are removed by a nonlethal blow, the creature is knocked unconscious for 1d20 minutes, instead of dying. Before then, nonlethal damage has the same effects, and removes the same hit points, as regular damage - thus, if a 7HP creature takes 6HP of nonlethal damage, and then 2 HP of lethal damage, it is killed, rather than knocked unconscious.

Weapons used to subdue roll for damage as normal, but treat even numbers as nonlethal damage, and odd numbers as lethal damage.

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