Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lineup 2014

It's a new year, and I've resolved to get some regularly scheduled programming up on here. There are a few small side projects I've been working on, and my Qelong campaign is starting to pick up steam, but 2014 is really going to be held up by a few tentpole projects. In order:

The province of Acacia has been the only safe domain on the New Continent for over a decade, enriching its citizens and its rulers through a steady trade in wondrous furs, exotic herbs, and tough lumber. Now, however, the mercenaries of the Union Charter have set up competing forts, and inciting the natives to make war on the Acacians and on each other. As the balance of power whirls out of control, once-human things stir in the darkness, and the prehistoric forests begin to reveal exactly how they can stand the test of time...

For centuries, the Dark Continent has lain in state. Exoticized, exploited, or ignored by oceangoing imperiums, the Dark Continent is known as exactly that - a broad curlicue of unknown land, a rudimentary coast, a mockery of both cartographic authority and royal power. But there will soon be bands of human adventurers spilling across the Dark Continent's baking hills and steaming jungles, erecting coastal forts and way stations, penetrating deep into the ancient Elven homelands and the tropical cradle of Dwarven civilization. Will your band be swallowed up by its trackless hinterlands, or will they stumble to the coast, heavy with looted gold?

It's 1931 in the Tennessee Valley. Herbert Hoover is President, lending his name to shantytowns all across America, and Henry Hollis Horton is Governor, embroiled in scandals following the bankruptcy of his political allies, and the loss of $6,000,000 in corrupt endeavors. The law is largely in its own hands, and nobody important is interested in investigating those "haunted" woods up the river, or the "cursed" treasure hidden deep within a local cave...

Forgottenland is what happened in my head when the Old School Renaissance got run over by the Drive-By Truckers. Outside the Valley, society grinds on much as we know it. Inside the Valley, crooked cops hunt backwoods moonshiners, lynch mobs ensure white rule with institutionalized terrorism, and mythical beasts guard buried treasure in shadowed forests.


The Faith rules the world, and God rules the Faith. But who can ever know how God wishes to be served?

Veil is both my main campaign setting and what I'll call the gaming system I'm currently using. This is a grittier adventure fantasy, where rewards are swift, but death is swifter, clinging to your heels like an ancient cobweb.


I get vibes from a lot of different things, and I like to write about them. I'll review anything that has something I'd like imprinted into my projects, and put it here.

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