Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dice pool contingency

Wizard Level 6
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 0
Contingency allows the Wizard to cast a second, companion spell upon herself, which only takes effect once a series of conditions are completed. Any number of Contingency spells may be cast, but the casting force must be higher than the number of pre-existing Contingencies, otherwise all prior Contingencies are lost, replaced by the newest one.

The LotFP Contingency spell allows only one active at a time, with the any new casting always replacing the old one. Using a dice-pool system with the above version allows a wizard to cast as many as she wants - but each attempt is more difficult, and runs the risk of undoing all previous work. Like gambling.

Wizard Level 1
Duration: 1d4 Turns
Range: 30'
2d8 Hit Dice worth of creatures are magically lulled to sleep for the spell's duration. The spell can only affect creatures of a level or Hit Dice total equal to or lower than the casting force. A successful casting will always affect at least one such creature.

Modifying Sleep in this way allows it to scale with the number of dice put into the spell, and organically scales the difficulty according to creature size. Sleep and Contingency are good example of an alternate use of casting force in spells - rather than a straight bonus to the effect, as with the Cure spells, and most others (casting force can easily be applied as a damage bonus or saving throw modifier), I've used the number to achieve different effects - Sleeping larger creatures, or creating extra Contingencies.

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