Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Party battle stances

I've been running LotFP, where some classes get expanded access to battle stances like Press (sacrifice AC for a hit bonus) and Defensive (vice versa). Nobody has been really using these (even though it's printed right on the character sheet), but everyone's been pretty involved in figuring out combat tactics, which is heartening considering most of us are newcomers to RPGs. The problem is, nobody's attempting to use the mechanics for combat tactics.

It came to a head (for me) in the last session, when the fighters and rangers (who could use stances) were in the rear with ranged weapons, since they'd taken a lot of licks and the cleric and specialist were in the front line, with mercenaries. The players wanted to try a fighting retreat against a large goblin horde charging out of the Caves of Chaos but nobody had the abilities to really do it.

I think next session I'll change the battle stances so they're accessible to the entire party - but only work if everyone agrees on the same thing. This would reflect the advantage of coordinated tactics, and make each class a bit more flexible in combat, and hopefully reward teamwork.

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